Parachutes are an invitation to jump into life and savor the moment together

Let's jump!

We're delivering wholesome, gluten-free snacks made with simple foods carefully selected from family-owned farms in Brazil.

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Two Cheeses

Lactose & Lactase Free

Quinoa, Chia & Sunflower Seeds

How to parachute

Bake & take

Bring to parties, eat with meals, or pack as a snack for your next day-hike.

Dive & dip

Dip Skydivers into cheese or marinara sauces.

Pack & pair

Pack with meats, cheeses, jellies, and jams. Pair with your favorite beverages.

We’re ready to bake! Straight from Brazil to your oven.

About us

High-flying food starts from the ground up. That’s why we only select foods from family-owned farms in Brazil.

For 30+ years we’ve crafted the perfect recipes for a delicious, rich, and cheesy experience using 100% Brazilian Artisan Cheese.

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Gluten free
Soy free
Preservative free
Flavoring free
Coloring free